Bag in Box


A packaging solution with multiple environmental benefits:

    • Minimal impact
    • Sustainable product
    • Maintains quality
    • Packaging reduction
    • Transport optimization
    • Optimiza el transporte
    • Better CO2 footprint
icono aceite sostenible
octobris icono sostenible

Sustainable product

Flexible packaging offers 97% reduction compared to glass.
More product with less energy and consumption of raw materials.

octobris bib calidad

Maintains quality

It is the most innovative packaging on the market. Increases the product’s life, keeping it with the quality of fresh packaging and protecting from the impact of light, heat and oxygen.

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Packaging reduction

An empty 5L Bag In Box weighs 0.26kg. In number, it is equivalent to 10 500ml bottles which weigh 2.5kg.

octobris icono reciclaje

Highly recyclable

Composed of 80% recycled cardboard. 5 times less waste.

octobris bib transporte

Transport optimization

Transport improvement of empty and full containers, reducing fuel consumption.

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Better CO2 footprint

It is the container with the best carbon footprint. 8 times less CO2 emissions with 6.7 times more number.

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