AROMA: Aromatic, intense and persistent oil. Oil with a lot of personality, body and high intensity in green olive.

INTENSITY: Intense and persistent, both in taste and smell. Green.

FLAVOR: It is an oil that gives us notes of soft bitterness and burning in the tasting caressing our mouth and throat, very balanced.

The Green Premium OCTOBRIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastes and smells like olive leaf, freshly cut grass, green tomato plant and green artichoke.


Green Premium OCTOBRIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect to consume raw combined with toasts, salad dressing, yogurt, cream of vegetables, soups and, of course, to finish with a special touch on fish and meat dishes.



The olives of Green Premium OCTOBRIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil are picked by the Muntanya Family in OCTOBER at the right point of greening where the flavors, aromas and color are much more intense while achieving a finest quality reached by very few oils.

In addition, the family olive groves are just 2 km away from the oil mill. From the olives picking to the oil storage they spend barely 4 hours, thus avoiding the oxidation and providing an extra degree of quality.

Green OCTOBRIS is a first class olive oil directly obtained from Picual olives and only by cold mechanical procedures at 21ºC, without water addition and subject to strict internal quality controls.

TYPES: The olives of this Green Premium OCTOBRIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil are 100% pure olive juice of the Picual type.


The olive groves of the Green Premium OCTOBRIS Extra Virgin Olive Oil come from the Picual type cultivated in the traditional way in sandy loam texture soils.

The fields are in the vicinity of the small town of La Canyada (Alicante) and at an altitude of approximately 740-760 meters above the Mediterranean Sea level. The climate of the area; dry and warm summers and cold winters give this town in the interior of Alicante the best conditions for the cultivation of olive trees.

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